#LHHReunion: Kirk’s BM Jasmine Made Raging Rasheeda Look Like Boo-Boo The Fool And Crashed Twitter

What is she STILL mad at Jasmine for???

Last night, Rasheeda was still extra salty towards her husband Kirk’s baby mama Jasmine. It’s been around 2 years since Kirk cheated with Jasmine and their baby Kannon has been accepted (according to TV) by Rasheeda’s family, so why was Rasheeda directing all of her shade towards Jasmine and not Kirk on TV?

Fans were confused but, don’t feel sorry for Jasmine!

Kannon’s mom eventually ethered Rasheeda after she came for her a few times too many. When Rasheeda questioned why Jasmine came to her to talk on TV, she uppercutted her with this one line:

“I came to you on television, but your husband didn’t come to you at all.”

Woooooooow, she roasted Rasheeda, using her own words against her. Peep the audience reaction.

Jasmine wasn’t finished! She then roasted Spice for being fake outraged on Rasheeda’s behalf and they had NADA to say back to her.

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