Black Women Love Piñatas And FUBU? White Father Of Youtube’s “McClure Twins” Exposed For Being Racist Buffoon

McClure Twins Father Tries To Justify Racist Tweets

Youtube’s famous McClure Twins’ dad has folks scratching their heads. Outside of the girls being cute, in sync and silly, folks are wondering…why is daddy so racist?

The twins are mixed children, with a white pop, Justin McClure and an Nigerian mother, Ami Dunn McClure . Apparently, their official twitter page used to be daddy’s main page and he left some incriminating and racist tweets up.

That’s not all! Justin McClure also left behind a cringeworthy blog post about interracial dating, where he states conversations about FUBU and piñatas will reel in Black and latin women. Also, white guys are thinking about TED talks, while black and spanish dudes are trying to sell their mixtapes:

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