Here’s Why The Internet Is Starting To Turn On Evelyn And Take Tami’s Side

Twitter Turns On Evelyn

It was all good a week ago for Evelyn. She was dealing with Tami and Jen, but Twitter seemed to be on her side in the feud. After all, Tami going after a domestic abuse victim and claiming she lied is toxic as hell. All Evelyn had to do was keep eating her food and keep her head up. But she just couldn’t help it. This week, two things came out that had people saying it was okay for the gloves to come off:

1. It was revealed that Tami was just echoing something Evelyn seemed to be okay with Iyanla saying about the facts of the case and, worse,

2. Evelyn went after Tami’s diabetes, a real-life, life-threatening disease, and claimed that Tami looked like a crackhead because of it.

That seemed to be a bridge too far for viewers, who quickly turned on Evelyn and said she deserves all the slander she gets. It was a rough night on the Twitters for Evelyn. Things just keep getting nastier on this season, huh?

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